About Educare et Servire Foundation

The Educare et Servire Foundation was founded by Antoni Kamiński – a local leader, social volunteer and one of the pioneers of local town council in the early 90s – under the notarial Foundation Appointment Act of March 8, 2004 in Krakow. The Educare et Servire is a non-governmental, non-profit organization (NGO). The aim of the foundation is to support the development of local communities through broadly understood educational processes so as to increase social self-awareness and  to encourage local people to be active either individually or as a group. As we read in the preamble of the Statute, the mission of the Foundation is to develop local community. This is relevant to the name of the Foundation, which in Latin means “to teach and serve” – ​​by teaching others and learning ourselves, wisely and far-sightedly use all local potential to make the best choices to sustain the development of the region and ensure the well-being of its inhabitants. Among others, educational activities of Educare et Servire Foundation include the following enterprises listed below.

European School of New Technologies and Tourism – which is unique in many respects. Since the very beginning, we have emphasized not only theoretical but the practical aspects of education. The goal that we have been realizing for many years is educating resourceful people who, after graduating from school, are ready to take up a job consistent with their qualifications and interests. The School was founded in 1995 as one of the first post-secondary schools in Podkarpacie region. Its syllabus and curriculum were based on the model used in vocational schools in the USA, transferred and adapted by Antoni Kamiński, who in 1994-1995 was a participant in the American ECESP Educational Program and studied at Le Moyne College in Syracuze in New York State. He gained valuable experience there and, as a result, he opened a new school in Dębica. For over 20 years of the school existence we have trained nearly 2,500 students who are currently working in Poland and in other European Union countries. Our school was one of the largest post-secondary school in the western part of the province.

ESNTiT has always emphasized the importance of interesting apprenticeships (in the country and abroad) and over the years it has cooperated with hotel chains in Cyprus, Rhodes and Spain, sending students and graduates there to the EDEN HOTELS – BALEARIC ISLANDS (SPAIN), the RODOCYPRIA HOTEL – RHODES ISLAND (GREECE) ), and the hotel chain TSOKKOS HOTELS LTD. – (CYPRUS).

In the years 2006 – 2012, the school along with Educare et Servie Foundation regularly organized apprenticeships for over 100 people as a part of the Mallorca Program. they were combined with an intensive 6-week course „Hotel-School” in which a group of 100 people divided into smaller groups gained qualifications and skills in the following professions: Cook, Waiter, Maid and Receptionist. The Mallorca program was the original program of the Foundation’s Board and the Management Board of Eden Hotels and the College of Tourism in the Balearic Islands and was entirely financed by the owners of Eden Hotels. Classes were held under the supervision of experienced coaches from Spain. The vast majority of participants of the „Hotel-School” course later found jobs in hotels in Mallorca and Menorca, earning a monthly fee of € 1050 which enabled them to pursue their dreams.

The University of the Third Age in Dębica was aimed at encouraging lifelong education among senior citizens. The activities have been conducted since 2006 till 2015 for over 100 residents of the area aged 50 and older.  There have been provided intellectual exercises (monographic lectures every 2 weeks, language courses, computer skills, psychological workshops) and physical activity (gymnastics for the elderly, aqua-aerobics). In addition, cultural events have been offered (traveling lectures, visits to museums, theater) and integration has been encouraged (sightseeing tours, occasional meetings).

School of Hotel Services, Cooking Art and Other Professions. This school is the latest offer of the Foundation in the field of vocational education. It will take advantage of almost 20 years of experience of the European School of New Technologies and Tourism and 10 years of experience of the Educare et Servire Foundation.  It is supposed to prepare new staff in the best possible way who will work in hotels, guest houses, agritourism farms and other facilities of the rapidly growing tourism industry.

Students and their parents, teachers and guests visiting the school immediately notice friendly, homelike atmosphere, where nobody is anonymous. Everyone is treated individually, which make these young people feel secure and accepted. The limited number of students in a group makes it possible for teachers to work individually with each student and to  cater for their needs. Students spend a lot of time in the „heart” of the school which consists of a kitchen combined with a dining room and a relaxation corner. It is an open space, where everyone can prepare a meal, drink tea, talk about their problems not only to other students, but also to teachers. Students make friends with each other and form long-term relationships.

School rules are visibly displayed at the reception desk. One of them says that everyone has the right to make mistakes because nobody is perfect. Self-awareness of one’s own imperfections teaches tolerance, self-acceptance, so that nobody feels inferior.

„A real school is a workshop”, this thought by Pierre Joseph Proudhon was a guideline for the founders of the school. Because of that, practical classes are an important element of the education and revalidation process, not just an „addition” to the theoretical lessons. Vocational training at Grand Chotowa Hotel *** SPA & Resort gives students the opportunity to gain work experience in a real working environment. Young people find out about advantages and disadvantages of a particular job while doing it, which means that the school not only enables students to complete the obligatory period of studying, but prepares them for adult life, gives them independence, makes them self-sufficient, builds a sense of self-respect. Our school is a young, growing institution. The school equipment is constantly expanded and modernized. The implementation of EU projects allows us to raise funds for this purpose.

The strength of the school are its students, always smiling young people and staff who are aware that working with people with certain disabilities requires great knowledge and experience. Therefore, teachers willingly participate in various forms of additional professional training and are looking for new unconventional methods of work.

Disability is not a problem here, everyone is smiling, cheerful and happy.


It is worth mentioning that both schools have the status equal to a public school and are free of charge. The further advantages of the school are modern and friendly interior design and a convenient location in 25 Krakowska street in Dębica.


The new offer of the Foundation is aimed at the students with moderate and severe intellectual disabilities.

At all stages of their education, students are provided with individual revalidation involving speech therapy, corrective gymnastics and corrective and compensatory activities.

Individual revalidation – is one of the links in the whole educational and therapeutic process organized by our institution. Classes are conducted at all educational levels with the use of methods adjusted to each student, his/her psychophysical development, to the needs and perceptual abilities and movement limitations. A professional specializing in individual revalidation diagnoses the student and creates an individual educational support program, which is an integral part of the individual therapeutic program. The educational and caring interactions between the teacher, the specialist of individual revalidation, the student and his/her parents are coordinated by a psychologist and a school educator.

Excellently qualified teaching staff (oligophrenologists) provides the best possible education and care for our students – young people from the town of Dębica and the neighbouring area. Our priority is individualization, so the teachers pay a lot of individual attention to each student and they adapt the pace of working to his or her needs and abilities. Even the smallest progress made by a student is appreciated and meets the most positive response. However, lack of progress is not criticized and the student does not feel discouraged.

The diagnostic and revalidation team supports the development of students at the Work – Adapting Non-Public School in Dębica. The team consists of individual revalidation specialists, speech therapists, psychologists, educators and class educators. Special care is given to pupils of all ages in accordance with the basic principles: RECOGNITION – SUPPORT – EFFICIENCY.

The team’s task is to analyze the decisions and post-diagnostic recommendations of the Psychological and Pedagogical Counseling Center regarding the students of our school. Getting to know the student, defining his „strong” sides and the biggest deficiencies, is the basic principle of educational and psychosocial rehabilitation. Detailed knowledge of the student’s personality, his / her skills and abilities helps the teacher find the most effective method of work.


  • limited number of students in a class, which makes them feel secure and allows adapting
  • educational requirements to students’ intellectual limitations
  • highly qualified teaching staff
  • modern fully equipped kitchen – a classroom for cooking lessons
  • modern dining room – a classroom for learning hotel services lessons
  • a household classroom with professional household appliances
  • two computer classrooms
  • full cooperation with parents
  • school counsellor, psychologist and speech therapist offices on site
  • warm, friendly atmosphere
  • an early lunch, adjusted to each student’s taste and needs, which is prepared by the students themselves
  • job training classes in the school workshops
  • job training classes in real environment, in the restaurant or hotel facilities supervised by professionals in cooperation with oligophrenopedagogists
  • sports classes and sports competitions
  • school trips
  • numerous after-school activities: music, drama group, art classes
  • creating internal school newsletter